About AIjure

AIjure is about applying artificial intelligence to the law and legal matters to maximize human well-being and welfare.

Focused initially on due process concerns, AIjure’s mission statement:

Summary: To promote justice and due process, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in law should be maintained or regulated to: (1) allow “fair” access for all; (2) establish at least one AI algorithm trained to be objective, neutral, and factually correct to inform and allow adjudicative bodies, individuals, and society to use as a standard or reference model; (3) contain “guard rails” that limit or define the inputs and information that AI may use or consider especially in a legal matter; (4) respect the individual’s privacy rights with selective opt-out options; and (5) be accountable for the basis of its responses.

AI Hallucinations, Optical Illusions

AI is known to have “hallucinations”. It invents “facts” and “authorities”.

People do too. For an example of an optical illusion, please look at the “AIJure.com” header. For many, the “jure.com” letters appear to have a green outline. In fact, the “jure.com” letters have no outline. The “AI” letters have a red lines. The absence of a red outline on the “jure.com” letters causes many people’s eyes to perceive a green outline on”jure.com” letters.

Since the natures of people and AI are inherently subjective, easily misled, and creative, we believe that it is important to provide objective discussion and examination of important issues in applying AI to the law.

Terms & Definitions

AI refers to artificial intelligence, which is most often currently structured as large language models (LLM).

Jure refers to the Latin phrase “de jure“. “”De Jure” means “describes practices that are legally recognized, regardless of whether the practice exists in reality.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_jure

Jure also means (1) “to make a juror of” https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/jure and (2) “sworn” (or cussed) in French.

AIjure is Not Legal Advice

AIjure is not legal advice. At best, it is legal information about an uncertain subject (” the use or application of artificial intelligence in the law or legal matters”) that is rapidly changing. Efforts have been made so that the information is accurate at the time that it was written, but there is no guarantee or warranty of its validity or correctness. Issues of law are important matters and you should seek independent legal counsel before making any decision.

Use (or not) at your own risk.


AiJure.com was founded by John Jensen in the Fall of 2022.

John is a practicing lawyer who often represented individuals and small entities. He saw how AI allowed access to powerful intelligence, structured knowledge, and information in a way that no technology previously had. AI and LLMs would revolutionize the legal field, as well as other fields. It was clear to John that LLMs could be an authentic positive change and advance in society and culture. John founded Aijure.com to advocate ideas about how to apply AI to law.

For more information about John visit johnmjensen.com, johnjensenlaw.com, or www.johnmichaeljensen.com.